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meet us.

c'mon baby, let's light that fire.

Starting a business dependent on the hospitality industry during a world pandemic that restricts all travel, proves only one thing – we are seriously passionate about hotels…and maybe we ran out of any other options. Falling back on ‘do what you know’, we decided to start Torch. Our extremely intimate relationship with the industry and wide network, positions us perfectly to help guide small property owners and managers to success.

mitch. consults on hotel operations. With a background in managing small hotels and boutique luxury properties, many tricks-of-the-trade were learnt. In order to run a successful small luxury property, he believes that you need to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, with guest experience treated as the ‘cherry on top’ – no good sundae is complete without one. After leaving hotel operations, he joined a digital content marketing agency, focusing on luxury travel brands. Through this experience, he gained behind-the-scenes access to some of the world's most respected hospitality operations. Throwing creativity at a problem will always triumph over throwing money at a problem.


lindsy. consults on sales and marketing. While managing a team of sales representatives across the globe, Lindsy took the reins at one of South Africa’s leading properties and led the brand to new heights. Refining the visual and digital footprint of this renowned brand remains one of Lindsy’s proudest achievements. Her passion for travelling and building relationships forms the foundation of her ethos – there is power in the collective. She is also a firm believer in innovation and the importance of ‘doing it first’.

Together, Mitch and Lindsy cover the full spectrum of the guest journey from lead acquisition to experiences on property and beyond.

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